Our concept

Since 2013, we have started Siam Thai Palace. Our big dream came true with that. After successfully running Siam Thai Palace for three years in Wageningen, we found the perfect location in Nijmegen in 2016. Siam Thai Palace is spacious, cozy, and beautifully decorated, with a view of Valkhofpark and Valkhofmuseum. A parking garage is just ten meters away from the restaurant.

For us, Siam Thai Palace represents quality, passion, and authenticity. As Siam Thai Palace, we ensure that you experience these aspects in our restaurant. Our Thai chef, along with the rest of the team, prepares our authentic dishes with love and passion, introducing you to the flavors, scents, and colors of Thai cuisine." 🌟🍽️

If you’re ever in Nijmegen, don’t miss the chance to visit Siam Thai Palace!